Saturday, June 16, 2007


haha the title of the post is supposed to be the beginning of the lion king theme song. I could not help but play that in my head while I was on the safari. The safari was so much fun and such a good break. Africa is so beautiful! It is a mixture of green and brown, mountains and flatlands, trees and bush. You can look way across the land and spot a tree miles and miles away and it looks like it is so close to you. When I got to the safari, I was like this is the Africa I fell in love with. We had the coolest jeeps that had 4-wheel drive, which is a must if you want to do some of the major off roading. While on the safaris, our driver would all of a sudden take off so fast and we would get so excited because we knew we were going to see something good. All the drivers had radios and call each other when they spot something.

Here are some of the things we saw:
1. A leapord in a tree. Our driver said that it is so rare to see this.
2. Elephants really really close
3. A den of lioness' sleeping. We fish tailed the whole way down this really muddy path to get to them. It was so much fun and well worth it.
4. giraffes
5. cheetahs really close
6. an ostrich
7. a huge heard of water buffalo
8. zebras
9. and much more

we were not able to see the hippos or rhinos because it had rained and the path was too wet to get to the river. After our safari, we were able to visit the masaai village for just a short while. This was soooo fascinating. I believe one of the reason the Lord has brought me here is to develop my interest in tribalism. It is so huge here and I really want to study it in depth. I believe we must understand tribalism to understand Africa. And if you think about it, it was a huge deal in biblical times as well.

one other crazy thing happened this week. Yesterday as I was coming upstairs, I heard my name called. Sitting on the couch was one of the Invisible Children roadies who came through Nashville. It totally shocked me. He has been in Sudan and he is at the end of his trip. We talked alot about Africa and how it is hard to be here. It is so true. To be called here full time is a huge calling. You get here and want to go home. We both feel that way, but you really don't want to admit it. So I still believe that I am called to this place, I just do not know in what capacity yet.

We have changed up the schedule a little bit for the last two weeks because the internship has not been what we thought. The Lord has still be so faithful and worked despite human error, but needless to say, we have had several frustrations with the organization we are with. The people here in Africa are wonderful. It is the organization back home that is frustrating. So please pray as we work out what we need to discuss when we get back and how we can truly help these people here. I am half way there and nearly ready.

peace and love.


Tim said...

which roadie did you see?!?!? how random...or fateful haha... hang in there! i love the updates!

Amaryah said...

That's pretty cool about the Invisible Children thing. Keep the updates coming!