Sunday, June 3, 2007


I'm in Africa!!

we made it safely last night. The Lord really blessed us with smooth and enjoyable travel. I set next to a wee little Scottish man on the ride for london to nairobi. he was quite the character and had quite a bit of alcohol. did you know that bristish airways gives you free alcohol?! this man used that service for sure. he was going to drill for oil in uganda. not exactly doing much good for uganda, but he did keep me entertained. the whole africa thing did not really hit last night because it was dark and i couldn't really see anything. today we went church at the orphanage center and it was quite a treat! on the way there is when the whole africa thing hit. i don't really want to say much about it now because i am still trying to process everything that i have seen. here are a few observations: africans make intense eye contact...a good kind of intense, i heard justin timberlake in the place i ate lunch at today...quite unexpected, a golf course, pot holes make driving alot more exciting, an old african woman introduced herself at church today my giving me a great hug....and lets just say that africans should be teaching us the bible...period.

the place we are staying is very nice. all muzungus (white hommies). we have showers and sleep under mesquito nets. there is a computer here so i will be able to write on the blog alot. we will have much free time at night because it is too dangerous to be out after dark (although the crazy take risks spirit inside of me wants to...but it won't happen). my teammates are great and we all bring a certain spark to the team. i am so excited about the next month. i played soccer with some of the boys after church and that was quite fun. one boy just told me what to do. "you, go to that goal!" "sorry, wipe you face" (this was after the ball hit me in the face...haha.) and he constantly reminded me that "you-zero, me-three" because he was winnning.

i love it here already. i find myself wanting to be african because i just want to roam the streets and talk to these people. everyone i see, i want to stop and know their story. they are just genuine people and what i see is normal for them. well this is all for now. i will write again after we have spent some more time with the children.

peace and love

p.s. the title of the blog was for you think the crazy three speed bumps at belmont were would be saying babump quite a bit here


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin! You're there!Right at home-soccer-ball in face;with the kids; looking into their eyes; Dad says "I know how you feel-in Africa but it's a great place to be." We think of you often and watch our "African" clock to try to figure out what you might be doing. Love and prayers--Mom and Dad Tell Carla Rebekak says Hi!! Wishes she was there too.

grandma said...

Hi princess I read yourblog . grandma is so proud of you your dad is helping me with this I know you will laugh your way back home when you get this ha ha.My love and prayers are with you each day.Thank you for my nice Thank you note. Good night. Grandma.

phyllis b. said...

Hi Kristin from Phyllis

I have been trying so hard to learn how to return a blog maybe i have it right this time.

I love you very much,