Saturday, June 9, 2007

and so it goes...

well, unfortunately, i have become somewhat sick. breathing in all the nasty air and dirt has really aggrevated my sinus an allegeries so i am super congested right now. i stayed behind today and did not go to the center which is no fun. it was our first day that we get to spend all day with the orphans because they are not in school. i know it all happens for a reason and i want to get better. so i please ask for your prayers for my health and the heath of my teammates. we are all tired and fatigued and satan is definately using that to try to get us down.

the past few days have been good and exhausting. being in africa is a big adjustment. more than i think we realize. i have spent sometime with the children in the school which has been fun. different than i expected, but still good to be there. yesterday was our first day off, but it really did not end up being a day off. we went to one of the slums with a group traveling through to see another school that buckner supports. that was definately heavy to see. one thing that got me was a small boy was among other kids from the slums looking through the gate into the school. he was brave enough to run a little ways into the school area and he grabbed my hand. so i slowly walked him back to the door. it is so hard to resist to be with those kids outside of the school because there is just so much need. after the slum, we went to the masaai market at the village market. both my teammates got a little overwhelmed with the bargaining, but i kind of enjoyed it. my strategy was to say a price and stick with it. one man followed me around the market and insisted that i buy this one thing. it was definately a humorous and interesting experience.

one thing that has been shocking to us is the stigma here about america. even the kids are taught so they can get to america. there is a mindset that if we can just get to america, all our problems would be gone. please pray that we can encourage these people that God has them in africa for a reason, and that america is not what they think it is. they were shocked when we told me that poor, homeless people live in america.

well i guess that is all for now. thank you for your prayers and support. peace and love

p.s. dad, victor from world connex says hello. he is here on another vision trip and his group will be on the safari with us next week.

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