Sunday, January 28, 2007

Genesis 40-50

Summary:Jopseh interprets the cupbearer and baker's dreams. He is then sent to Pharaoh to interpret his dream. Pharaoh is so impressed and in awe of Joseph that he puts him in charge of Egypt. Joseph's brothers travel to Egypt for grain. Jospeh sends them back to bring back his youngest brother. Jospeh brings them back and makes himself known to them. He tells them to bring his family to Egypt. Jacob travels to Egypt and Jospeh and Jacob reunite. The famine hits. Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim, Joseph's sons. Jacob blesses his sons and declares them the twelve tribes. Jacob dies and Joseph buries him. Joseph reassures his brothers of providence and then dies.

Response: One of my first responses to this passage was the baker whose dream Joseph interpreted. How did he feel when Joseph told him that he was going to hanged? It would be interesting to know his reaction. Joseph has complete confidence in God. He gives all of the glory to Him for interpreting the dreams. In Chapter 41, Joseph is favored. It is so amazing to think about what he has been through. It is obviously God had a plan for his life. Joseph was born to a once barren mother, thrown into a pit, sold, betrayed, thrown into jail, and interpreted dreams. After all of that, God placed him in an amazing position. God was faithful. Joseph's early dreams play out when his brothers come to Egypt. Because of God, Joseph's brothers are humbled and reconciled with Joseph. It is really beautiful to see how Judah has transformed from who he was when he sold his brother. Throughout Joseph's life, God provides. This is shown through Joseph and how he treats his family. After everything, Joseph is kind and caring.

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