Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Genesis 31-39

Summary: Jacob flees Laban, but Laban catches up to him. Jacob then fears meeting his brother Esau again and wrestles with himself and God. Jacob and Esau meet and rejoice in their reunion. Jacob's daughter, Dinah, was raped and Jacob and his sons were infuriated. They tricked the men of city and kill them all. Gob blesses Jacob and renames him Israel. Rachel and Issac die. The story of Joseph is then introduced. His brothers hate him and sell him. Judah has two sons and marries one of them to Tamar. Both sons die and he promises Tamar the third son when he comes of age. Judah does not keep his promise and Tamar sleeps with him. Joseph is betrayed by Potiphar's wife, and consequently thrown into jail.

Response: There are several instances in these chapters where I am amazed by the character of God. The covenant between Jacob and Laban is because of God. Among the stife and disagreement, they make a covenant because of God. Jacob's name change is also an amazing story. I always think of this story when I begin to doubt. A relationship with God can be a wrestle a times. God changed Jacob's name to mean "wrestle with God". The reunion between Jacob and Esau is so beautiful. Because Jacob was obedient and returned to his home, God blessed him. Esau forgave him and embraced Jacob with open arms. It is amazing how God changes hearts. It is also beautiful that God brought Jacob and Esau back to Issac before he died. The story of Dinah is very shocking. The whole thing caught me off guard. The violence and trickery is stuck in between beautiful stories of reunion. Jospeh's story is very interesting. It is obvious that he is honest and gifted. Without knowing the end of this story, the reader may be more understanding of what Joseph's brothers did. His dreams were very confident and arrogant. It just seems like Jospeh has bad luck with everything.

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