Saturday, January 20, 2007

Genesis 10-19

Summary: From Noah, there were many descendents who formed many nations. Because the world spoke one language, the Lord confused and spread them across the world. God calls Abram to leave his land and God will make him a great nation. Abram and Sarai passed through Egypt and he and Lot to evetually separate because their flocks and herds became large. Abram rescued Lot from the enemy and was blessed by Melchizedek. God makes his covenant with Abram. Sarai sent Abram to the servant, Hagar, so she would become pregnant. Abram is changed to Abraham and Sarai to Sarai and the covenant of circumcision is made. Issac birth is promised from God and God tells Abraham he is going to destroy Sodom. Abraham intercedes and God saves Lot and his family.

Response: I think the whole Tower of Babel incident is very interesting. Why did God do this? Looking at it from the global perspective we have in today's society, I think it was very creative of God. Life would be boring if everyone spoke the same language or looked exactly the same. I love culture, so this story facsinates me. It is so cool that God was already sending his people all over the world, like he commands us to do in the New Testament. I also love the story of Hagar. It is so amazing how God looks after the "low lifes". This shows God's love story between Him and His people. In 17:1, when God says "I am God Almighty, walk before me, and be blameless", it is firm and loving. They way I interpret it, God is saying that this is possible. Forget about your sin and shame and walk before the Lord and be blameless. Throughout the story of Sodom, I can sense Abraham and Lot's concern for the people. You can tell that they hate to see Sodom destoryed. The story of Lot's wife has always baffled me. I understand that her heart and possesions were still connected to Sodom and she was not trusting God by looking back. One commentary I ready said that she probably was behind in the travel and the brimestone and fire could have reached her.

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