Sunday, January 28, 2007

Exodus 1-15

Summary: The Israelites become oppressed by the new Pharaoh in Egypt. When Moses was born, his mother put in in the river because Pharaoh was killing all the boys who were born. Pharaoh's daughter finds Moses and takes him as her son. After Moses grows up, he flees to his people because of what is being done to them. God appears to Moses in the burning bush and calls him to free the Israelites. God provides signs for Moses and sends him back to Egypt to meet Aaron. Pharaoh makes the labor harder from the people, but God promises deliverance. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh with the signs from God. Pharaoh's heart is hard and God sends the plagues. God instructions the people about the Passover and then he commands Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. God commands the consecration of the first born. God parts the sea and the Israelites cross it. Pharaoh's army is swallowed by the sea and the Israelites are free. Then Moses and the Israelites sang a song to the Lord.

Response: It is amazing how Pharaoh allowed Moses to live considering the circumstances. It is obvious that God called Moses because of Pharaoh's daughter finding him. In Chapter 2, verses 23-25, it is amazing to see that God does hear the cries of his people. He looked down on them and was concerned. The burning bush is a story that I have always heard growing up. When I read it this time, I realized how incredible this experience must have been. It is hard to imagine such a glorious and overwhelming presence of God. I love how God uses Moses despite his flaws and doubts. I have always loved the part where God asks Moses, "Who gave man his mouth?". I love how God treats this in a light and almost funny manner. It is so true. He did make our mouths. So we should trust him to make it work. It is also interesting how Zipporah circumcised her son instead of Moses. Throughout Moses and Aaron talking to Pharaoh and the plagues, it is cool to see God's timing and patience in it all. He knew exactly when and what to do. The pillar of cloud is so cool to me. Not only was God faithful and led them, but it is also a forshadowing to Christ. The pillar led them and then moved behind them to protect them. Chapter 15 is such an amazing prayer from the people. After what they have been through, it is very appropriate to sing praises to God.

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