Sunday, February 11, 2007

Numbers 10-14, 20

Summary: The Lord tells Moses to make the two trumpets. The Israelites are led out of Sinai. The fire of the Lord came down. The Spirit came down onto the elders. The Lord spoke to Moses, Aaron and Miriam. God sends men to explore Canaan and they report back.

Response: One small observation in the beginning of this passage is the use of music. It is cool to think that they already had instruments thousands and thousands of years ago. I also love the cloud of the the Lord. I wish I had a cloud of the Lord over me to lead me everywhere! In Chapter 11, God listen to Moses' cry and lightened his burden. He was faithful to Moses and did not let him bear anything he could not handle. When the people begged for meat, it did not really satisfy them. This is evidence that nothing can truly satisfy but God. What the Lord says to Moses, Aaron and Miriam is so cool to me. He says that he will not speak to Moses in mysterious ways, but speak to him clearly. How cool to have such a communication with God! All of chapter 14 is evidence that God honors those who fear them. He is also forgiving and sovereign at the same time. He rewards those who are faithful. Chapter 20 can be hard to read because of God's punishment. Although He does punish, He does not stray away from his covenant with Moses and the Israelites.

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