Sunday, February 18, 2007

Judges 1-4, 19-21

Summary: Israel captures Jerusalem. Israel rebels and the Lord rebukes them. Othniel takes over Cushan-rishtathaim. The Lord calls Ehud to deliver the Israelites. The Israelites rebel again. Deborah, the prophetess leads Barak to Sisera. Jael kills Sisera.

Response: My overall reaction to this passage what a state of disgust. Adoni-bezek got his toes and thumbs cut off, Ehud stabbed a fat king in the name of the Lord, and Jael nailed a man's head to the ground. It is hard to interpret these stories into some kind of application. In chapter 2, the Lord allowed the Israelites to suffer, but He was only doing that to teach them something. He was still merciful and watched over them. It was hard for me to understand this passage because all the grotesque violence and hatred.

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